Waste Management Update: Waste Management notified the city to say that all yard waste will be picked up on December 6th, 2022.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.  We will keep everyone posted. Thanks, 


Status update with Waste Management

Our city clerk got the following information from waste management this afternoon. As for the collection schedule, we’re going to be alternating yard waste and recycling collection through the week of August 27th while we try to get staffed up (and get those new hires trained in our trucks). 8/3 will be yard waste collection 8/10 recycling 8/17 yard waste 8/24 recycling And then back to every week collection for all three services. If we can get three more drivers hired out of our job fair this weekend, we should be able to get back to regular collection a week earlier. This is for the City of Coldstream.


Emergency Alert 12-22-2022: Coldstream Alert! The Louisville Metro is preparing for snow and freezing temperatures tonight. The City of Coldstream will continue to have snow removal on the main roads. However, there may be ice under the snow. Please use caution. Remember to disconnect outside water hoses from spigots. Allow faucets to drip to keep water moving through the pipes to prevent freezing.