Trash Cans: Notice: The city has interpreted the city trash ordinance to read as follows. No trash, garbage or other waste or sanitary containers shall be placed or stored in the front of the house/garage.   All trash cans or sanitary containers that are placed or stored on the side or the back of the house is Acceptable.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Middlesex Drive Update – Postponed till Friday, October 29th, due to weather.

Hall Paving has reached out to let us know that the paving for Middlesex Drive is delayed due to the rain today and said “..likely will later in the week with the current forcast”. Milling will start Friday and paving scheduled for the following Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021. 

If we get more rain this week it is possible that it will get pushed out to early next week for milling and paving.

See more information about the Repaving here:

Middlesex Drive Repaving to Start Monday, October 25th 2021 – City of Coldstream (